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Billingshurst, Sussex, Baptisms
Cambridgeshire Baptisms
Cornwall Baptisms
Derbyshire Registrar's Birth Index
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Dunchurch Baptisms
Durham Baptisms
Elland St. Mary's Baptism Registers
Elmton, Derbyshire Baptisms
Frant, Sussex Baptisms
Halifax St. John's Baptism Registers
Huddersfield and District Baptisms
Lincolnshire Parish Bastardy Cases
Liverpool Baptisms
London Dockland Baptisms
Mid-Norfolk Baptisms
Montgomeryshire Baptisms
Northumberland and Durham Baptisms
North Yorkshire Baptisms
North Yorkshire Non-Conformist Baptisms
Pontefract District Baptisms
Rugby Baptisms
Suffolk Baptism Index
Tunbridge Wells Baptisms
Tunbridge Wells Congregational Baptisms
Wakefield Baptisms
Wiltshire Baptisms
Wrightington Baptisms


Baptism Records along with marriage records, and burial records, are the best source of vital record information before the nineteenth century. Before Civil Registration began in 1837 key events in a person’s life were typically records by the Church rather than the State. Starting in the sixteenth century, parish records are some of the longest running records available.

The parish records were transcribed and indexed mainly by family history societies, although a few dedicated individuals have also contributed data. These records come from different types of sources: parish registers, bishop’s transcripts (the copies of the original registers made each year for the bishop of the diocese in which they are situated), earlier transcripts or printed registers.

Please note that these records are a mix of both indexes and transcriptions, and therefore vary in depth of content. Indexes are primarily used to help locate a parish record, but they do still contain detail useful to the family historian. Transcriptions, on the other hand, show every detail found within the parish register and are often a goldmine of genealogical information. The results you are presented with will not contain images of the original parish record.

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